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  • Over 40 video tutorials

    Over 40 video tutorials

    Reveals everything You need to Master WordPress - There are 43 video tutorials in this course.

  • High-quality videos

    High-quality videos

    The WordPress tutorial videos are made with a high quality screen capture software and they are in an extra large format so you can clearly see everything I’m doing.

  • This series is a great

    This series is a great

    resource for not only learning how to do everything you need to know with Wordpress, it's also a great library of videos to share with your team to make sure they're doing it all right.

  • Intensive and fast paced

    Intensive and fast paced

    Learn WordPress 4 quickly in only two hours.

  • The WordPress 4 Crash Course

    The WordPress 4 Crash Course

    is an intensive, fast-paced, video tutorial and training program.

  • You'll get two solid hours

    You'll get two solid hours

    of online video instruction where you watch my computer screen as I build a fully functional, Search Engine Optimized (SEO) site.

This is the Tutorials you’ll get!

1 – How to buy hosting

2 – How to buy a domain

3 – How to set up DNS

4 – How to install a blog/WordPress

5 – How to change/Install a theme

6 – How to install a plugin

7 – How to add a page

8 – How to add a post

9 – How to create a home page

10 – How to make a contact page

11 – How to create custom email

12 – How to add a video

13 – How to add media

14 – How to use Permalinks

15 – How to make a zip file

16 – How to add a menu

17 – How to add a widget

18 – How to add a link

19 – How to make an email link

20 – How to change text

21 – How to back up your blog

22 – How to set up spam protection



23 – How to secure a download page Click to Watch Sample!

24 – How to password protect a page

25 – How to disable comments

26 – How to make a redirect

27 – How to add header/footer scripts

28 – How to add line breaks

29 – How to display content on multiple pages

30 – How to integrate Aweber with blog Click to Watch Sample!

31 – How to make a support desk

32 – How to add an exit pop up

33 – How to cloak your links

34 – How to split test pages

35 – How to add an email forwarder

36 – How to add an autoresponder

37 – Opt-in to Aweber from Comments

38 – How to moderate comments

39 – How to make a download link

40 – How to track your visitors and sales

41 – How to make a download page

42 – How to align text

43 – How to align an image



Turn loyal subscribers into paying customers

Deliver the best email newsletters with a few clicks. Reach more people in less time with unlimited autoresponders. Automated email marketing that frees up your time and keeps readers engaged.

Email Newsletters

Automatically deliver a sequence of messages to new subscribers.

Subscriber Management

You can collect, manage and import subscribers with our easy to use tools.

Sign Up Forms

Need a well-designed sign up form? We got you covered.

Performance Tracking

All the statistics that matter, summed up in easy to read charts.

Sample Video 1: Click this link for High Quality Video
#30 – How to integrate Aweber with your WordPress Blog


How to secure your website against hackers

This video shows you how to protect your download page and by that your downloadable product links, so that unpaying visitors cannot download your products illegally or for that matter hindering them from being shared through other web sites.

Secret location

File name(s) and Download URL'(s) will be hidden in web searches.

Protect your files

Let you offer downloads in a safe and secure way.


Sample Video 2: Click this link for High Quality Video
#23 – How to Secure a download page on a WordPress Blog

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